Each and Every Photo Exhibition

We asked three renowned photographers to capture the spirit of just a few of these grant partners.

The programs featured in their images include 412 Food Rescue, Fund My Future, BikePGH, Velocity, Kelly Strayhorn Theater and Pittsburgh Glass Center.

Photojournalists Nancy Andrews, Rebecca Kiger and Annie O’Neill spent a day with each of these six agencies. A few were among the first groups we supported. Others are brand new partners.  Each one serves as a proxy for the hundreds of nonprofits who advance our community each and every day.

Capturing the Each and Every Photo Exhibition

The resulting images formed the core of a photo exhibition held at The Pittsburgh Glass Center from May 22-May 28 2018, entitled Each and Every.  These photographs will rotate in a display in our offices, but the images are available to the partner agencies to help them tell their stories. A pdf of the booklet is downloadable here.


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