BReF Partners

The Benter Foundation is pleased to support eight grant partners piloting new ways to bolster their financial,  organizational and sustaining capacities.  Benter Re-Emergence Fund (BReF) participants and their efforts include:

  1. Bike Pittsburgh, Inc. – Accelerating the Growth of Event Sponsorships and Individual Contributions
  2. Chatham Baroque, Inc. – Increasing Leadership Capacity Through an Associate Director
  3. City of Asylum – Next Generation Direct Marketing Using Enhanced Data Analytics
  4. City Theatre Corporation, d/b/a, City Theatre, Inc – Tomorrow Today – An Urgent Re-investment in New Revenue through Space Management and Rentals
  5. Grow Pittsburgh Inc. – Long Term Sustainability Through Organizational Capacity in Fundraising and Leadership Development
  6. New Hazlett Theater – Adaptation Through Development of a Resident Company Model
  7. Pittsburgh Glass Center – Expanding Retail Through a New Manager of Retail
  8. Program to Aid Citizen Enterprise – Building PACE’s Capacity – Extending Our Reach to the Region Through a Director of Strategic Development Position

Opioids in the Community

Spotlight - Partners Work in Progress