Bike Pittsburgh

It’s no secret that bicycling is one of the greenest, healthiest, and most affordable modes of transportation you can choose.

The problem is, to many people, the choice just doesn’t seem safe enough. Bike Pittsburgh is changing that. We are making that choice an easier one, by making our streets safer for everyone who uses them. Our programs range from engineering bike lanes, fabricating artistic bike racks, producing award-winning maps and how-to guides, and representing the voice of our rapidly expanding constituency to key decision makers in and around the City of Pittsburgh.

With support from The Benter Foundation we have been able to accelerate our grassroots advocacy and take our programs to our region’s employers.

With this support we have increased our dues paying membership by nearly 30 percent to over 1,400 members, expanding our voice and influence. Additionally, Bike Pittsburgh, in partnership with the Benter Foundation and the Sprout Fund, launched a Bike Friendly Employers program that is already transforming our local workplaces into spaces that support and encourage their employees to ride to work. Pittsburgh has seen a 206 percent increase in bike commuters in the past 10 years, and a 76 percent increase from 2008 to 2009 alone. Our 1.4 percent bicycle mode share places us in the top 15 cities in America in terms of bike commuting, but we know we can do even better. It all starts with engaging more people throughout the Pittsburgh community, making sure people have safe places to ride, and a supportive culture in which to work. All of these elements together will be revolutionary for bicycling in Pittsburgh.

– Scott Bricker
Executive Director and Co-Founder, Bike Pittsburgh

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